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About Krys

KRYS is a privately owned company founded by certified professionals with each having many years experience in providing project and product related development services to tier-1 clients throughout Europe in the financial, government, industrial and telecommunications industries. KRYS is a socially and environmentally conscious organisation.

Based in Luxembourg, KRYS is responsible for implementing many strategic projects, spanning not only Europe but also North America and Asia. Working with clients to realise their internal projects or developing bespoke solutions, KRYS is proud of its long term relationships established by repeatedly delivering success.

Our Services


Providing management, business and IT experts to assist clients deliver their internal projects. This expertise covers all stages of the project life-cycle.

Product Developement

Krys has partnered closely with pioneering start-ups, leading enterprises and some of the world's largest technology brands helping them accelerate innovation, time to market and enterprise transformation.

3rd Party Management

Krys' Independant Contractor Management (ICM) services have been one of Luxembourgs leading ICM-providers with a proven track record of providing solutions for the many challenges associated with companies use of Independent Contractors.


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24, Kiirchestrooss, L-6834 Biwer, Luxembourg